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Sparkling in the Darkness
Let the 2017 baking begin! 
21st-Jan-2017 03:48 pm
A happy new year to one and all, belated yes but still heartfelt : ) Last weekend, I cracked open my Hummingbird Bakery recipe book (still my favourite baking book) for the first time this year and tried another new recipe – coconut dream bars. It was another only slightly sweet-tasting recipe, what I think of as ‘a pudding suitable for Dad’. It involves coconut as the main flavour and also pecans and comes out soft and chewy and very delicious. I made the mistake of trying to stir in the shredded coconut when the mixture was still in the food mixer which didn’t work at all lol, unsurprisingly. So I swiftly dumped it all into a bowl and stirred everything in that way. Much better. It cooked beautifully and I caught it just before it started getting too dark in the oven. Onec cool, I sliced it into rectangles. Getting it all out the tin was a bit tricky as the bars as quick crumbly at the edges but it worked out in the end and only one got a little destroyed lol. Definitely a recipe I recommend; it was gobbled up quickly at church – always a good sign. Baking continues to challenge me and make me happy. I can’t wait to see what baking adventures 2017 brings.

22nd-Jan-2017 01:09 am (UTC)
I said this on Facebook, but your coconut dream bars look and sound seriously delicious! :-) Definitely ideal for someone who doesn't like desserts that are too sweet. I'm glad you were able to work through those bumps. I guess baking is a continuous learning process.
22nd-Jan-2017 10:05 pm (UTC)
Thank you, they really were most delicious <3 Baking is DEFINITELY a continuous learning process, so it can be frustrating but ultimately a lot of fun :)
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