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Sparkling in the Darkness
Fic: Running With Scissors (WWE, Dean/Roman, T) 
7th-Feb-2017 09:17 pm
Title: Running With Scissors
Fandom: WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment)
Characters: Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns, Original Characters, Seth Rollins
Rating: T
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: Everyone is something 'other' - Dean's from a bloodline of spinners, weavers and cutters (the Fates can't do it themselves), Seth the architect who sees how everything works so he can change it and Roman's always had Amazon blood. Dean sees what he sees and won't end up like his parents. He holds onto Roman, awake and sleeping, and is wrong-footed when he sees Seth in his dreams again too. His aunts keep him spinning on.

Read it here.
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