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Sparkling in the Darkness
Cookie time 
4th-Feb-2017 07:29 pm
It was time to try out a new cookie recipe, one I found online. As it was our friend's birthday the week of the recent PROGRESS show, I thought I'd make them as a present we could all enjoy during the interval. The cookies were brownie fudge cookies and ended up as quite a thin batter with three different kinds of chocolate in. The problem I found was in the baking; the recipe asked for 'golf ball sized' scoops of batter on the baking tray. When I did this with the first batch, the cookies turned out enormous! Not a problem, you might think, but as I'd be transporting them in my bag through London and into a venue without security finding them, this wasn't good lol. These cookies also turned out quite fragile due to the thin batter. So I used smaller scoops for the second batter and then encountered a second issue - they bake quickly which means you have to grab them out the oven at just the right time before they start to burn. I missed that point with this batch and they ended up the right size but too dark. Thankfully the batches after that turned out fine! The cookies taste delicious and surprisingly, not too sweet. We successfully got them into the venue and our friend loved them, especially as he couldn't bring his usual homemade cakes with him. Definitely a cookie to try out again but not my favourite cookie recipe, I like thick fudgy biscuits, like pucks lol. Still very tasty though.

8th-Feb-2017 11:27 pm (UTC)
Just looking at those brownie fudge cookies is making my mouth water! I'm glad you were able to figure out which methods worked best before the PROGRESS show. I'm sure your friend was touched by the birthday cookies and everyone thought they were delicious. :-)
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