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Sparkling in the Darkness
Fic Recs - Avengers/Thor RPF - Tom Hiddleston/Chris Hemsworth 
12th-Jul-2012 09:53 pm
A few days ago I sent quantumdoll  a list of fic recs for her birthday. As she's nutty about the absurdly delightful Tom Hiddleston, I sent her my favourite Tom Hiddleston/Chris Hemsworth RPF, which I've been reading a lot of lately. I'm now posting that list here for your enjoyment. If you don't like RPF, this is a warning to leave this post now. I hope the rest of you enjoy the fun fic as much as I continually do :) And happy birthday again quantumdoll

English Gentlemen Don't Eat by copycatgirl
Warning: contains eating disorder. Tom Hiddleston is hiding a growing crush on Chris Hemsworth but, believing nothing will ever happen, is dealing with it. But the stress of it leaves him vulnerable, and an offhand comment from Chris means finds himself caught up in a flirtation with eating disorders again. Slowly, his co-stars realise what's going on, and things come to a head when Chris himself intervenes.
I love hurt/comfort and there's something about a vulnerable Tom that just pulls on my heartstrings. This aches with heartbreak and angst. I just wanna hug Tom so badly. I like that there's no instant solution and that Tom also isn't as alone as he thinks he is. It makes my soul hurt and feel so good as the ending is particularly fine. I think this fic rings with angsty hopeful perfection.

sweet dreams, sweet cheeks by rangerdanger
AU tom's car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. the rest, as they say, is history.
Basically the most awesome summer romance ever. This really made me smile and I love the progress and pace of this fic. It fits a sticky summer perfectly.

No Name by Silverlynxcat
“Ah don’t you just hate that, when they jam a no name with a big, big star?”
Sad but awesome. Apparently based off a real radio interview that Tom did in Australia. Chris's reaction is really great. I like how playful their relationship is here. Totally believable and everyday and it really made me laugh.

Carry Me Through by aeon_entwined
Sometimes, moments of insanity can lead to enjoyable consequences.
I love the push-pull of their relationship here. It's not a gentle thing and Chris is obsessed with Tom's hair in it's natural curly state. I love Tom's fighting spirit. It's very hot and hits my possessiveness kink pretty nicely too. I like their pretty tough connection here, it's not sappy, it's spikey and sparks fly in the always-fighting hotness of them getting hot together. A very different kind of tone and relationship and very shivery-awesome because of it.

I Found A House by black_nata
"There's a water-slide." he says, full lips curving upwards in a smile.
Post-movie, the cast hang out at Chris's place and I love the hotness here. I love the cast's interactions. There's great moments like Chris getting blamed for the rain and the awesome getting together of Tom and Chris is really well built-up to, delightful and yummy.

drop it doe eyes by pidgeoned
tom, who is nineteen, spends an interesting summer at his host family's farm in australia.
Another AU that totally hits my buttons. I love Tom here, all gawky, awkward, and awesome. I can completely imagine him being like this and I love what a good fit Chris is for him. This is such a fun vivid story. Their connection is fun and really sparky and just wonderfully smile-inducing, because you just know what will happen. This fic makes me so happy. I love reading it again and again.

ergonomics by rangerdanger
office au. work is hell but chris tries to cope.
Where Tom is the demanding bastard of a boss and Chris is the annoyed temp working for him and guess what happens? This is both hilarious and heartbreaking and feels so true to life. It really gets life in an office down perfectly. And the boys, oh the boys, the angst and the hurt and the comfort and the not-talking about important stuff.......It's truly gorgeous, never easy for them not even the end. I love the rockiness and the fractures and the filth is delicious. I love it.
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