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Fic Recs - Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire: Brienne/Jaime 
3rd-Jun-2012 11:08 am
I don't watch as much Game of Thrones as I should - never enough time! - but I watch enough to know what I like and what I really like is Brienne of Tarth/Jaime Lannister :) So a while ago I compiled a list of my favourite Brienne/Jaime fics for the delightful quantumdoll and also later shared it with the equally awesome einfach_mich And as the current GoT season ends tonight, I thought I'd share the recs list here too. Hope you guys enjoy the fics as much as I did :)

Armor is a Lady's Armor by youremyqueen
Brienne is not pretty and not kind, but she's as brave as any man and twice as strong as some, and Ser Jaime of House Lannister doesn't seem the type to require much in the way of positive qualities to get on alright with someone.
Basically their personalities are swapped. There's so much pain but they still mesh so well together. It's really awesome, especially when they get together ;)

Awakening by honorisahorse
A series of life changes causes Brienne's eyes to open in more ways than one.
AKA the ending Brienne and Jaime should have together. This is just glorious and whatever happens to them in the books, I'm glad to know that this happy ending is out there for them. Lovely and true.

these tornados are for you by janie_tangerine
“Wench, I recall you fighting a lot better last time.”
Jaime and Brienne fight and Jaime finds out why she can't kill him. Oh the angst and the hotness.

I Got You by janie _tangerine
He found out all the places that make her moan and writhe and she found the ones that make him flush and tremble, and he likes that there are no expectations from him.
In which Jaime is introspective during steamy time with Brienne :)

Where You Invest Your Love You Invest Your Life by janie_tangerine
In the dungeons of the Dragon Queen, Jaime saves his skin by telling her stories of his lady love.
Definitely one of the best. Jaime tells Dany about Brienne and she tells Dany something important in return, then they tell each other. This really feels like scenes from the show and I adore the ending. A really awesome getting-together fic which feels completely believable and right.

Ten Years After by Nary
The sept was empty early in the morning, and the Lady of Tarth would often go there just past dawn to pray, or so the smallfolk said.
This is the one I keep coming back to. It's a post-series/books one and it's another great look at how they could get together. The tone is perfect and the words are so very them. There's such believable hope here. It always makes me smile.

The First and Last Time by redcandle17
Brienne gets the chance to say good-bye to Jaime.
This one is the angstiest I'm reccing. It's so sad and bittersweet. Jaime and Brienne get a first and last time together before Jamie is executed. It's heartbreaking and beautifully rendered. The pain is gorgeous.

Homecoming by Who Shot AR (akerwis)
At some point, homecoming had become Brienne's favourite part of journeying.
Another post-series/books fic. Brianne comes home and loves the welcome she gets. A lovely look at family life for Jaime and Brienne. Really sweet.

To Have And To Hold by Magnetism_bind
AU where Tywin doesn't die and still wants Jaime to get married. He doesn't much care who his son marries, as long as she's high-born and of child-bearing age. Jaime already has somebody in mind.
Extremely amusing - oh Jaime, you've really got to choose your words more carefully! Also extremely heartfelt and feels exactly like how any proposal between the two would go. There's heartbreaking moments, the characters are incredibly true to themselves, and the ending is utterly brilliant :)

Willing Exile by Nary
No matter how long he was there, Jaime would never grow used to the cold of the Wall.
Short and kinda sweet. Jaime is exiled and gets a visitor, who is there for him. Lovely and understated and warming.
6th-Jun-2012 09:09 pm (UTC)
Thank you thank you thank you! I'll enjoy reading these again :)
6th-Jun-2012 09:57 pm (UTC)
Heehee, glad to pass on the awesome bantering fun. Enjoy :)
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